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What changes will make your WordPress blog SEO friendly?
February 1, 2016 – 07:33 am

WordPress SEO friendlyHow many times you have read about WordPress is one of the best blogging platform and upcoming CMS platform. And one of the reason is WordPress offers best possible SEO options. Though, this is completely untrue and let me clear it out: WordPress is not SEO friendly. Not atleast the default WordPress installation.

Like many others if you also believe, that your stock installation of WordPress without making any changes will get you great search engine ranking or even good ranking in search engines, you are mis-informed. WordPress needs a hell lot of SEO setup to make it search engine friendly. Though the good point is, making your WordPress blog SEO friendly is quite easy with the help of WordPress SEO plugins. Here I will outline some of the default settings of WordPress which are not SEO friendly and what you should do to make it romance with Search engine.

Honestly, there are hell lot of plugins out there and you might get tired of installing plugin for everything. So, try to get most of things manually coded in the theme itself (If possible) or use multi-purpose SEO plugins like WordPress SEO by yoast which is free and so far one of the best.

WordPress Permalink:

WordPress default permalink is bad ass SEO settings offered by WordPress. In the recent version they have added new permalink options (%postname%) but again the default permalink looks like this:

And I have seen many new WordPress blogs using the default permalink, which is not recommended. If you have read my WordPress essential setup guide, you might not be making this mistake, but if you have’t it’s time to change your permalink to more search engine friendly version one. I have already covered about this in detail in my earlier guide on How to optimize WordPress permalink for SEO.

This is another big SEO issue with WordPress which many of you might have faced or about to face it. If you would check out your comment box reply link, it will show something like:

I have faced this issue in the past and this become one of the issue when my site got penalized by Panda last year. Their are many fixes for this and the best one is right from your WordPress blog. You can use WordPress SEO by yoast permalink option to fix it or another easy way to use URL parameter setting in Google Webmaster tool.

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