Best SEO Optimized WordPress Themes

SEO Friendly WordPress Themes
October 2, 2016 – 05:20 pm

seo friendly wordpress themesTheir are numerous factors responsible for search engines rankings and one of them is a Properly SEO optimized theme.

We have 7 important tips to help you in selecting your next SEO friendly WordPress theme…..

We will list the factors that will help you in choosing a perfect SEO optimized theme for a WordPress blog:

  1. Code is clean and fast enough: Code plays an important role. Whenever an user visits your WordPress blog, lots of code from your WordPress theme is processed at the back-end, if the code is not optimized and well written it will lead to increase in load time of pages, which is a no-no for SEO, and remember a small mistake in code can ruin everything, read an experience here from yoast. If the code is not written properly it can cause problems for search engine crawlers while crawling your pages for indexing.
  2. Number of CSS and Javascript Files: Always try to minimize the number of CSS and Javascript files, The less they are……. better it is for SEO.SEO friendly wordpress theme Search Engines do not like Javascript files because they can’t process them and if they are not loading asynchronously they are blocking the page rendering which means increase in the load time of pages which leads to Bad user experience.
  3. Simple Layouts: Go For simple and user friendly layouts, don’t go for sophisticated layouts where a user will have difficulty navigating from one page to other, a user should be able to find other related pages easily and it also improves the conversion rate(if there are too much options the user will be confused).
  4. Schema Markups: Schema Markups help search engines in identifying various things on your pages, They tell Search engines where is the header, sidebar, footer and most important the content, So always go for themes which have Schema Markups. With the help of schema Markup, Search engines will be able to find the content on pages easily.seo friendly wordpress themes Schema Markup also help search engines in identifying the content type like it’s a review or a blog post.
  5. Go for themes which provide most of the functionality you will be using: Prefer themes which provide most of the functionality you will like to use. For Ex: If you will be using social media sharing buttons choose a theme which does have social media buttons because if you add a plugin for it, the plugin will increase load time of your pages. It’s always good if you can avoid plugins and can have the functionality in your theme itself.
  6. Responsive: If it’s not responsive, Just don’t use it as number of visitors from mobile and other devices is increasing and you can’t avoid them, Google uses responsiveness as a signal while ranking pages now.
  7. Optimized For Speed: If it is optimized for speed, you can check it once using various available tools.

If a WordPress theme follows the above criteria, we can term it as a SEO friendly WordPress theme and you can go for them.

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