What are SEO Tools?

Blog Analyzer
June 8, 2016 – 01:32 pm

The Blog Analyzer is a powerful SEO tool for Professional Bloggers.

This SEO Tool analyzes a particular article for all the known SEO factors and helps you improve the Search Engine Rankings of the blog post. The Page Analysis provided in the Report, allows you to identify and resolve all the major SEO mistakes while the complete text analysis of the report enables you to focus on the important Keywords in order to easily optimize your SEO copy.

The Blog Analyzer Report is divided in 3 main segments: The Domain Segment, the Blog Segment and the Article Segment.

The Domain Segment

The Domain Segment contains important information about the Domain Strength including:

  • Domain Authority & Score
  • Traffic Data & Visitor Estimations
  • Total Links, PageRank WebzyRank
  • Website Indexing
  • Domain Age
  • Load Time & Speed
  • Domain Trust and more

The Blog Segment

The Blog Segment gathers all the data about the Blog including:

  • Blog Authority & Technorati Rankings
  • Blog Size & Popularity
  • Total Links, PageRank & WebzyRank
  • RSS Feed Data & Recent Articles
  • Blog Indexing and more
Source: www.webseoanalytics.com
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Popular Q&A
What is Best SEO Tool ? | Yahoo Answers

The best SEO tool: . With it you can scan you site and find out how the web crawlers "see" it. It will show you all 404s that exist or if there is a error in some of yours metadata. Check out the link I gave you above and you will see a lot of screenshots.

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