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August 11, 2017 – 05:46 pm

Google-JuiceLast week will seem quiet compared to this week in our communities – and that’s just how we like it! News broke this week that Thumbtack, a website for professional development and also recipient of a lot of money through Google Capital, was busted for unnatural links.

Twitter is making its feeds easier to read, a Panda refresh is on the horizon (at last!) and the impact of Mobilegeddon continues to rumble on – right into your local Mom and Pop. This is one week where you don’t want to be left behind. Check out these threads to stay caught up on all the action!

In January of last year, Matt Cutts declared on his blog “Okay, I’m calling it: if you’re using guest blogging as a way to gain links in 2014, you should probably stop.” His take-down of guest blogging made a lot of waves in the SEO community, and the impact of his pronouncement is still being felt today. It’s a tricky subject with a lot of different angles – if you’re looking for backlinks, you couldn’t do worse than guest blogging some say.

But if you’re just trying to promote yourself and get your content in front of the most eyes…is that acceptable? Where is the line drawn? Take a look at this thread on SEO Chat, where two users take opposing stances and duke it out over the nitty gritty bits of guest blogging.

Read the post and the comments on this Threadwatch update for the full details and speculation. To make it short, the story goes like this: Thumbtack is backed by Google Capital for $100 million. They began sending users who signed up to list their jobs on Thumbtack emails, which effectively said “Link to our website and we’ll give you a way to better promote your services through us!”

GoodOnMaps published a blog post reporting about this, and not long after – POW – Google lowered a penalty onto Thumbtack’s shoulders. How long will the penalty last? What does this kind of situation mean for the ethics of search engines? How much is Google a business, and how much is it a public service?

Da-da-da-DA! Presenting Google’s amazing, handy-dandy, self-updating Penguin update! Coming…this summer? According to reports, the algorithm itself will also be tweaked and reworked.

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