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The new Professional SEO Toolbox is released!
August 23, 2017 – 05:49 pm

WSA-blogpost-May2011_hugeCheck out the 4 new & 8 upgraded SEO Tools and the brand new WSA directory!

Almost 4 months after the previous release, our team is proud to announce the launch of the next version of Web SEO Analytics toolbox and the brand-new WSA Directory.

The new Professional Toolbox

The next Generation of the Toolbox that now includes new professional SEO Tools and a powerful upgraded API, offers a complete solution for all the key steps of developing a successful Online Marketing campaign. From Diagnostics to Planning and from Execution to Monitoring, the upgraded PRO Pack offers one of the most complete solutions on the Market.

By making all the required additions and updates our Toolbox has evolved and now covers exactly the needs of both Online Marketers and Webmasters. The main focus of the toolbox is to help Web Professionals and site owners to Analyze their current campaigns, Strategize & adopt a winning action plan and Monetize their traffic by improving their Conversion Rates, by increasing their Online Sales and by offering better services to their clients.

The 4 new tools that have been added in the toolbox are:

This is a tool developed especially for SEO Copywriters that want to increase their search engine traffic by optimizing their pages, articles and blog posts with the right terms. This tool simplifies the time consuming task of keyword research providing a list of relevant and popular terms that are related to a particular query along with all of their statistics such as the Relevance, the Keyword Popularity, the number of Search Results and the Search Volume.

This tool is designed to link the vital SEO tasks of Keyword Research and Competition Analysis and to speed up the Keyword selection process by screening the Keyword List and by excluding the terms for which we can not achieve first page positioning. The Keyword Difficulty tool will help you select the terms for which you have a good chance to rank and give you information about which of the submitted pages is the strongest and thus more likely to achieve good rankings.

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Popular Q&A
what is the best seo toolbar there is ? | Yahoo Answers

That depends....If you are using Firefox which is a great Browser then there is 2 add ons which are great:
1. SEO for firefox which is the Firefox add ons area
2. SEOQuake- which has just become available for IE
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Paul Easton
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