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18 Daily SEO Tips – Our October Updates
December 25, 2014 – 10:13 am

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This month we started something new, on our Facebook page we give away one SEO tip per day. Each day a tip from one of our bloggers or from one of our readers is displayed. For learning purposes.

At the end of each month all the tips will be collected in one post. And that is this post. Find below all the tips from October! If you would like to stay up-to-date every day of the new tips be sure to like our Facebook page so you will see the updates every day. If you have additions, do send them in!

Without further ado, here are the 101 Tips for October:

Category: Image SEO

Tip: Give your images a proper name, not “IMG1234” but a name wich has the keyword in it. Like “great-samsung-phone.jpg”
By: Bas van den Beld
On: October 19

Category: Linkbuilding

Tip: When building a blog and trying to gain traffic, upload posts regularly, same day each week. Respond to comments on the blog and interact with your users via social media channels.
By: Jo Turnbull
On: October 15

Tip: Don’t build links for the sake of it even if your client asks. Create interesting content relevant for the users.
By: Jo Turnbull
On: October 26

Tip: Create a list of industry experts and send them a link to an article you have written to get attention and possible links
By: Bas van den Beld
On: October 31

Category: Site Archictecture

Tip: Start by setting up a Google Webmaster Tools account so you can monitor how Google looks at your site. You can do that here:
By: Bas van den Beld
On: October 8

Tip: Make your URLs user and search engine friendly using relevant and descriptive keywords to name them
By: Aleyda Solis
On: October 9

Category: Keyword research

Tip: Check your search query reports in webmaster tools to find keywords with a lot of impressions but just a few clicks. If you can raise your position for these terms a little bit you can gain a lot of traffic.
By: Jeroen van Eck
On: October 10

Category: On-Page Optimization

Tip: Make sure your each page title is unique and relevant by using specific and descriptive keywords for the content shown in it
By: Aleyda Solis
On: October 22

Tip: A good rule of thumb is to optimise a landing page/set of landing pages per keyword you want to target. Accept the fact that the homepage is NOT going to rank for 30+ keywords, no matter how great the content is
By: Carla Marshall
On: October 29

Tip: SEO and User Experience should be not be separated when building a new website. SEO and UX should go hand in hand.

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