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The Basic Guide to SEO: 5 Latest Trends and Tips for 2015
May 7, 2016 – 12:39 pm
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While Google continues to update its search engine algorithms (sometimes twice in one month), it’s no wonder the field of SEO is littered with speculation and hypothetical practices.

Constantly improving search engine software means many SEO experts are heading towards a more holistic approach more in line with content marketing strategy and traditional marketing techniques. In this article, I’ll share current trends and other tips to use when developing your latest SEO plan for the future.

1. Conversational Keyword Phrases

Google’s 2013 hummingbird update brought many changes to how keywords are interpreted on the web. The most considerable change from this update improved the way the search algorithm understands “conversational” phrases – questions entered in a search query to make sure the whole phrase is understood rather than each particular words. So, what does this mean for SEO experts?

  • Don’t use your PR company to build links and make sure linkbacks are from trustworthy sites.
  • Try to ensure anchor text linking back to your site is more natural and less “keyword focused.”
  • Make sure your website is useful and entertaining that targets your audience with sharable content and multimedia.
  • Establish a strong social presence across all all major platforms.

2. Traditional links and Brand Mentions

Yes, inbound links are still considered the most important factor in page ranking but the way Google interprets these links has changed. Google caught on to certain old practices that link building campaigns brought on. It used to be that a link was a link, and the more you had, the better you ranked. Now, however, Google takes into account “implied links, ” also called “brand mentions” and the ratio of how they are spread around the web. Brand mentions are words on another webpage mentioning or referencing your brand or company without the use of a hyperlink.

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