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Red Flags in Omaha SEO Services
April 15, 2015 – 02:59 pm

Solomon Kleinsmith: our omaha seo services expertI’m a young professional, 30-something guy from right here in Omaha. My bio isn’t particularly important here. What’s important is what you’re getting when you hire this Sol guy, who’s calling himself an Omaha SEO services expert, to work on your website.

I want to make clear that there are a handful of other local freelancers that will be on call when something I’m not adept at comes along. I’ve got targeted Omaha SEO services for small businesses covered, but if you want a really super flashy website, some in-depth work on a new logo or really slick printed promotional materials, secure networking or other related things, I’ll bring in the cavalry.

In a lot of ways search engine optimization, web design and other internet related services are a bit of a Wild Wild West. There isn’t an industry standard certification that people get so others will know that they really know what they’re doing. You can never really know for sure, unless you know someone who spent money on their services and recommended them to you.

That being said – there are some red flags that I would recommend you watch for when you’re looking at people claiming to be good at providing effective local focused Omaha SEO services, and how we do things differently here.

seo red flag

In the vast majority of cases that I’ve found so far in my digging into my local competition, other Omaha SEO services companies wont tell you how much their services cost up front. This is a typical slimy sales tactic, so they can try to get you into a conversation where they can try to make what they’re selling you seem like it’s worth more than it really is. When you’re sitting there at your computer, you can think over what you’re reading, and even potentially look claims up online, so they try to get you into a situation where they can pressure you into buying before you can think things through.

Every case is a bit different, and packages will be modified to fit your needs, but our pricing is out there in the open. We’re more affordable than any of the competition that I’ve found so far, even though it’s based on a more-than-fair hourly rate.

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