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What Does it Cost to Work Together?
November 1, 2014 – 05:24 pm

My Satisfaction Guarantee (at the bottom of this page) applies to all services, including all telephone consultations, on site SEO training, and monthly SEO consulting programs.

The First Call is Free

Scott Hendison, speaking at Pubcon I’ll personally be your contact, so please call and tell me about your situation. What sort of help are you looking for exactly?

Book an appointment, fill me in on the details, and I’ll give you straight talk about exactly how we may (or may not) be able to work together.

I won’t waste your time, and I’m happy to offer your first phone call for free. .

One Time Situational Analysis & SEO Audit $800

As a way of getting started, I offer a one time analysis of your online presence, based on the facts you provide.

From an internal perspective, we look at your internal site structure and setup, from your title tags to your web hosting performance.

From an external standpoint, we analyze your backlinks, evaluate your business citations around the web, and take a look at where you stack up against your competition.

The audit includes two phone calls, a detailed written report, and a 15 to 20 minute screencast video. Our first call is for my own fact & history gathering, and the second call is a followup after my delivery of the video.

When an initial audit leads to further engagement, the entire $800 is applicable to the first month’s payment, if the engagement begins within 30 days.

Short Term Hourly Rate:

Sometimes you just need to ask a few simple questions, or you may need strategic planning for upcoming projects, competitive research, penalty analysis, or any of 100 other scenarios.

When that’s the case, nobody in the industry will be more forthright and honest than I am. If I don’t know the answer, I can get it. I’m the first person to tell you if we can’t help you in certain situations, but when that happens I can almost always guide you directly into the best path for maximum visibility and profitabilty.

Schedule a free 15 minute call, and explain the situation. For followup calls, or meeting “in person” or online, these are my rates.

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