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The Problem with “Cheap” and “Affordable” SEO Companies in Las Vegas
December 11, 2015 – 05:46 pm

Las Vegas Web Design Before and AfterSadly, most businesses in Las Vegas have been hurt by unscrupulous SEO companies. I’ve seen a business lose 75% of their web traffic in a month… consequently effecting their bottom line. Google can, and will sandbox (ie. make it near impossible to find in search engines) your business and nobody will even know you exist. If you’re running a business in Las Vegas (or any other local market), I know you’re getting cold emailed/called at least weekly with people approaching you with “cheap” or “affordable” SEO services. Here’s the truth, the best SEO companies don’t have to do outreach. We earn enough referrals through organic traffic that we don’t have to. Imagine this:

  • You own an Italian Restaurant in Las Vegas, you could have the best food on the planet. But it won’t matter, because you hired a so called “Affordable SEO Consultant” who could “guarantee you rankings, ” which over the course of the next few months – it’s possible that you may have seen results. Thing is, these lazy SEO consultants devise tricks to manipulate Google, they’re quick, they’re easy… but eventually Google catches up – they always do. Heck, it even happened to retail giant JCPenny (Read about it at Now whenever someone searches for something along the lines of “Italian Restaurant in Las Vegas, ” they won’t find you… it’s like you never existed. Hiring a SEO consultant isn’t a decision that you should take lightly, it could mean the life or death of your business.

Most of the time, businesses are burned cheap SEO companies, but even corporations have fell victim to expensive consultants, who apparently, know nothing about search engine optimization (SEO). I actually started this consulting company out of frustration of companies I’ve worked for, and with.

So we’ve established that most SEO’s are terrible, and can actually cause more harm than good (seen it first hand many times). Where does that leave the rest of us? Well their are still good SEO’s out there, but the problem is – they focus on rankings, not revenue.

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How to Find an Affordable SEO Consultant

Working with an SEO consultant to increase your site's visibility can get very expensive very quickly, unless there is a clear strategy outlined at the start, and clear deliverables expected at the conclusion of the project. As with any form of consulting, finding an affordable and talented SEO consultant depends not only on that consultant's rates, but on their ability to keep costs in line, and deliver and end product that justifies the size of their fees to begin with. Here are some tips on how to find an affordable SEO consultant for your business.

Tip #1: Request multiple quotes. Th…

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