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How to Avoid Unscrupulous Web Design and SEO Service Providers
June 30, 2017 – 05:24 pm

QuoteSmall businesses that want a website are at a severe disadvantage when seeking a credible company capable of designing an optimized, persuasive online presence.

As a strong supporter of buying from local businesses, I’m well aware there is a lack of skilled local web service providers. This frustrates small business owners who want a website and wish to hire a local company to do the work. A small business wanting a website may be an book author who blogs for many well-known online publishers, a small restaurant catering to the local area, churches, towns and municipalities, school districts, lawyers, health and wellness centers, hair salons, artists, home improvement contractors, real estate offices, small town shops, and horseback riding stables. These are places of business or individuals who are not backed by corporations. Many of them have strained budgets, are non-profit, or startup ventures.

Top of pageIn other words, they are easily taken advantage of. If you own a small business and are unhappy with your present web site services, or are new and considering having a website built, let’s arm you with knowledge, requirements and a plan.

Why Am I Paying So Much?

I’m asked the following statements from local business owners who have already hired a company to build their website and promote it search engines.

  1. I’m paying too much money.
  2. I don’t understand what I’m paying for.
  3. I’m paying XXX and not seeing results.

The most commonly outrageous stories I’m told come from the search engine optimization realm of services. Small businesses unwittingly are coerced into paying enormous sums of money for services they do not understand. They are not informed of the risks, nor are they aware that certain methods can lead to penalties in search engines. I have seen brief Word documents with a history of the months bounce rates and popular pages delivered for several thousand dollars per month.

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