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Massive Blackhat Backlink Exploit on High Page Rank Techcrunch
December 7, 2017 – 06:18 pm
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Some blackhat SEO has really hit the jackpot with a series of backlink insertions with targeted anchor text appearing on the following Techcrunch posts:

If you read my blog, you are probably already aware that Techcrunch.com is one of the biggest technology and start up news websites in the world, which explains why individual posts have page rank 6+ (The Techcrunch homepage I believe is currently a PR8).

With that in mind, let’s play a game of spot-the-link-that-doesn’t-belong in each of the above news articles.

Didn’t see it? WYSIYSB

Article 1:

How Did That Get There?

Techcrunch is built on WordPress, the world’s most popular, and accordingly, exploited content management system. And on that note – I think I’ll be updating my security settings today!

Source: www.theseotailor.com.au
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