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3 Black Hat Strategies that Dominate the SERPs in 2014
November 14, 2016 – 12:51 pm

The antagonism between black hat and white hat strategies has been going on for years now. These strategies have been around since the existence of SEO. It seems they aren’t obsolete. On the contrary, they’ve persistently lingered around the SEO world and seem to be fruitful even in 2014.

We do not endorse or recommend the usage of these techniques. This blog post’s intent is to show how black hat SEO works in 2014. Some of the techniques presented below are not only black hat but also “crap hat” which is illegal.

Even if Google tries to update it’s algorithms as best as it can, to cover all grounds, and provide users with pertinent and valuable information in search results, black hat SEOs seem to always adapt and find ways of ranking high. The strategies that I will present below, aren’t exactly new, as you’ve seen them work in the past, in some version or another, but apparently they are still kicking and punching in 2014. We’ve seen these black hat techniques used by small or big businesses, but one thing is for sure: sooner or later you’re going to be spotted by Google. It’s your choice if you plan to rank fast and stay up in the SERPs only for a short period of time( hours or days), or build a strong link profile that resists the test of time.

Let’s look at how the famous “buy viagra” SERPs look like nowadays and what techniques were used to get a top ranking there.

1. Parasite Hosting

This approach refers to performing SEO techniques that revolve around generating pages on high authority domains that rank very good in Google. These pages point to a certain site they wish to promote, boosting their position, based on the host’s ranking. Basically they steal some of the attention the parasite site gets to enjoy its already earned authority in Google. As you can see in the picture below, the hacker placed the “canadian viagra” page on a Hotel’s site. The two topics, “hotels” and “viagra”, aren’t related whatsoever, so it’s clearly not a naturally generated page. Another fact about parasite hosting is that the owner of the host has no idea about this, and the page was created without his knowledge. Let’s see a quick case study on what techniques are working in the pharma area.

There are those that work hard and create a strong authority and there are those who parasite!

Going for super competitive keywords means a lot of effort and a lot of resources invested. In the picture displayed below you can see the blatant competition that’s going on over pharmaceutical keywords – from 10 results displayed on “buy viagra”, 8 of them are ranking using parasite hosting. It’s interesting how, after all these years and all the algorithm updates, these type of parasite pages can still rank pretty high in search results.

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