What is the best SEO software?

Best Free SEO Tools [That the Experts Use]
September 12, 2015 – 07:39 am

local mobile marketingAs a SEO strategist here at LocalVox, I work with many different types of businesses on improving their rankings and page optimization. While every business is unique and we use different SEO strategies for every client we work with, there are a lot of good free SEO software and tools that you can use to analyze and optimize your website.

Living in New York, one of the questions I get asked a lot when I meet someone new is “what do you do for work?” When the person asking is a marketer or a local business, the second question they ask is “What are the best free SEO tools that I can use to be #1 in Google?” I’ve gathered the best SEO software that I recommend to marketers and local businesses that will improve your page optimization and help you rank higher in Google.

One of the first things I recommend local businesses do is run a free SEO report and identify mistakes in their directories. By running this free SEO report, you will see how your business is shown to customers in top directories (like Bing, Yahoo!, Foursquare and Yelp, to name a few).marketing content for search engines You may be surprised how often basic things like a business’s name or phone number is incorrect on these directories (60% of directories have incorrect information while 92% of customers expect accurate information).

After you have run your free SEO report, you can either go through each directory one by one and fix the mistakes or work with an online marketing firm to do it for you. One of the pros of working with an online marketing firm is that they will automatically monitor your directory listings for you so you don’t have to continually run reports and fix errors.

If you’re wondering how fixing directory errors will help you rank higher in search, let’s take a step back and analyze how search algorithms work. Search algorithms determine how high (or low) a website will be ranked based on multiple different factors, one of which is consistent information on many different sources around the web. Having correct and consistent information on directories will signal to search algorithms that your business is authoritative and will therefore give it more weight (vs. a business with incorrect and inconsistent listings).

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