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April 6, 2015 – 09:34 am
WordPress hosting scam

What you ought to know to find the best WordPress hosting

Some sites will review services of inferior quality and tell you it’s the best WordPress hosting just to make a quick buck. But I recommend what I use.

With traffic to this site now near one million pageviews per month, where to host is among the handful of most important decisions I make when it comes to this website, which drives my livelihood.

I trust the hosting of to, the managed WordPress hosting platform operated by .

  1. Optimized performance
  2. Theme support
  3. Cutting edge value

Trust me, I have tested many hosting solutions. Any time the upfront sticker price is low, hidden costs sneak in. These hidden costs include unresponsive support and poor uptime. Some hosts even sneak advertisements on your site without your permission!

So let me expound on why I love Synthesis, and also why I continue to recommend and

I’ll also provide a bit of insight into how this WordPress hosting business really works.

Why Synthesis Managed WordPress Hosting?

Not every WordPress website needs managed hosting. But for serious WordPress site owners, especially those whose sites play an important role in their business, going with a trusted managed host is a prudent decision.
Serious WP site owners don’t want their plugins to get too far out of date and can’t risk being late on a security update. For my own sites, I’m on that quite quickly. For my clients, however, it can be a different story. I usually don’t manage their sites, I just optimize them.

In recent years, the managed WordPress hosting space has really grown. There are now several top-quality hosting companies that host WordPress sites exclusively. They all have optimized their servers for the best performance and security possible.

The team is distinct among managed WordPress hosts (and web hosts in general) in that the service was founded by, and continues to be run by, actual web publishers with high-traffic sites that receive many millions of monthly page views. These guys — who are in the Synthesis Help Desk on a daily basis — understand the performance and security needs of real-world WordPress publishers. That alone makes the extra you pay worth it.

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